Alpha Gamma High School Essay Contest

$100 Award for the Winner

(Up to four essays will be entered into the state contest for more prize money.)

DUE:  Thursday, February 25th by email to 

Mrs. Amanda Meredith, 

TOPIC:  Is internet access a necessity of modern life, like running water or electricity, or is it a bonus, something that is nice to have but not a requirement?


  • Students will decide on a position for their argument essay.

  • They will support their position with textual evidence and cite their evidence.

  • Each essay must be 450-600 words in length.

  • It must be typed, double spaced, size 12 Arial font, and converted to a pdf.

  • The student’s name, address, phone number, and school must be sent typed on a separate document.  NO NAME CAN BE ANYWHERE ON THE ESSAY.

  • The essay title needs to be a header for the essay page(s).

  • No images will be accepted.

  • Formal writing rules apply.  See TN ELA standard W.TTP.1.

  • That includes no use of first and second-person pronouns.

  • The state rubrics will be rigorously applied.  The rubric used is the TNReady Grades 9-12 Argument Rubric.